At present we work simultaneously on 6 computers, and in order to complete better the services, a professional photocopying machine, 4 professional printers (Hewlett Packard), fax and a scanner were bought in order to achieve the best quality of our services.

Nowadays, Quick-Trad works with 4 employees with an 8 hours work schedule, and with 10 collaborators,  each of them being in his working area a top translator in Timisoara.
 At the main office of the company work official translators for German, English, French, Serbian and Croatian. For Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, Latin and Hungarian, the company co-operates with our home-working official translators from Timisoara.                                                                                           

During the years, Quick-Trad has gained a fame, being recognized for the rapidity and the quality of translations, as well in Timisoara and in the country as also abroad. For example in many lands from Germany and many areas of Austria, there aren’t accepted other translations from Romania than those made by our company or by the Consular Offices.      

NEW! translations on-line, orders at phone no. 0040-728108382

The client may choose between one of these delivery possibilities:
               • printed on paper
               • by e-mail
               • on floppy disc, CD, DVD
          One modality is to be chosen as being included in the price. For other delivery modalities, a tax of 3 lei should be paid. At request, the translations may be delivered by post or by a fast courier service.

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